Sarah Mander

Thank you for visiting my website. I have been a practising artist printmaker for over twenty years. For the past two years I have concentrated on producing a portfolio of etchings using aluminum and copper sulphate. These prints were inspired by a trip I made to the Boneyard, aircraft graveyard in the desert of Arizona.

The starting point for my art work is the world around me. A piece of work can be sparked by my observations of weather and lighting conditions, for example on trees as I cycle home on autumn evenings; or from photographs and drawings made of objects that have been weathered, and worn by time and use. I am fascinated by the results of time, wear and atmospheric conditions and human contact. I work mainly in Etching, Collagraph and Drypoint as I love the infinite textures, marks, embossing and rich surfaces that can be achieved with these printmaking techniques.

Following the completion of a Master's Degree in Fine Art Printmaking from Wimbledon school of Art I set up, and I continue to run Red Hot Press which is a successful and respected print workshop in Southampton England.  The workshop exists to promote Fine Art Printmaking to the wider public. Over the past eleven years we have earned a reputation for the quality of our course programme. I teach printmaking at Red Hot Press and also as a visiting lecturer at West Dean college.

You can view my page at West Dean here